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Introduction of Shanyang Qin Society ( Shanyang Gu Qin She )

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内容摘要:Brief introduction of Shanyang Guqin Art Club.Officially registered in 2012, the business department in charge of Huai'an City, Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication ……

 Welcome to Shanyang Qin Society

 Shanyang Qin Society was founded in Huai’an, Jiangsu Province, in 2009 and was officially registered in 2012. Its competent department is Press and Publication Bureau of Culture, Radio & Television. 

 Qin, the seven-stringed lute, commonly called KU-CH’IN or ‘the lute of antiquity’, was played more than two thousand years ago as it is still today. It is chiefly used as a solo instrument, producing a subdued and highly refined music.

 Shangyang Qin Society — with Li Jiaxiang as President — is active and influential in uniting qin players, promoting the exchange of qin scholarship, introducing the art and technique of the qin,and instructing students. It is the first professional qin society in Huai’an city which has been working for the protection towards the intangible cultural heritage all the time.

 Handing down the qin art, developing the Chinese traditional culture, we are here, waiting for the bosom friends from all over the world. 

 Welcome to Shanyang Qin Society!

 Tel: 008613852370000

 Q Q: 10410934,488500
 Website: http: //
 Address: No. 10, Kang Er Road, Huai'an Economic and Technological Development Zone,  Jiangsu Province (about 100 meters from the south gate of the Bochishan Park). Please search in Baidu map “Huai’an Shanyang Guqin She”.

Introduction of President Li Jiaxiang

Introduction_of_Shanyang_Qin_Society_(_Shanyang_Gu_Qin_She_) Li Jiaxiang, born in 1969, known as ‘Shanyang qin player’, since childhood, loves national instrumental music.He has strong fascination with qin, and successively studied with Liu Rongzhen, (a qin master of Guang Ling School, daughter of Liu Shaochun who was the 10th generation of Guang Ling School ), and Liu Yang (a qin master of the 12th generation of Guang Ling School). He worked very hard and inherited the above traditions. He is currently one of directors of the Chinese National Instrumental Music Society, Chairman of Huaian Qin Society and President of Shanyang Qin Society. Member of Jiangsu Musicians Association, Professor in College of Music of Huaiyin Normal University. Deputy Director of Guqin Art Institute of Huaiyin Normal University
He has won the silver prize of the 4th China Qin You Lan Yang Chun Award for adult group and the gold prize of the qin professional adult group in the 2012 China (International) National Instrumental Music Festival Competition.

 Over the years, he has been devoting himself to the teaching and research of qin art. Through various forms of propaganda and teaching, such as small classes, training, lectures and so on, he taught a lot of qin learners. There are more than 1000 local students in Huai'an alone, and many qin lovers from the surrounding cities, Suqian, Shuyang, Siyang, Lianyungang, Yancheng and other near provinces, Beijing, Shan’xi, Liaoning, Henan, Shandong, Anhui, Guizhou ,Guangxi, Gansu, Hei Longjiang etc. . Some qin lovers from far and wide, came to study with him because of his reputation.


Qin lovers from Canada

 Mr. Li is a public-spirited gentleman. Together with Huai'an Qin Society, he set up the Four Seasons Public Welfare Qin Popularization Course, which offers qin lessons every spring, summer, autumn and winter. All income is spent on public welfare charity. It is highly praised by the vast number of qin fans and the community.

 Li Jiaxiang, has a great influence on the inheritance and continues to develop qin culture in Huai’an city since Xia Yifeng— master of qin player— left Huai’an in 1921. Mr. Li and his Shanyang Qin Society has been committed to the qin heritage and will continue to make positive contribution to the transmission and development of Huai’an qin cause.







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